About Us

There’s nothing better than a crackling fire

Whether you’re curling up next to a fireplace, quietly reading by the fire or swapping stories over a roaring campfire, there’s nothing else in this world that compares to the crackle of a quality fire.

Give us a call today to schedule your firewood,  we can deliver it by the rick or by the cord – or ask about our pickup truck load.

Firewood delivery in Louisville KY

Now you can get firewood without any inconvenience to your busy schedule.

Our company business thrives on happy customers, and our fast, affordable delivery service is just one more way we can ensure your 100% satisfaction!

Top quality firewood with competitive pricing
• Pickup truck load is available $100 (1.5 ricks)
• Delivery services are available
• Brought by the rick or the truck load
• All firewood is top quality

Only the highest quality wood is used

All of our firewood is ready to burn in your fire pit or stove!

Each piece of wood is split evenly  so we are able to not only offer quality firewood, but firewood that is consistent in size and burning speed.

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